Our group has surveyed 'Chogajip'(Rice Straw-Thatched Houses) preserved in Korea to make their data in the forms of drawing, photo, and text. Because Rice Straw-Thatched Houses are the most common of all the plant-thatched houses in Korea. And it has been built by more natural materials than any other houses.
There were four major types of Chogajip (Rice Straw-Thatched Houses).

  Hotjip(Straight line-shaped houses), or houses with a single row of rooms, are found in all provinces except South and North Hamgyeong and Jeju provinces.
Many tenant farmers or farmers with little land lived in rice straw-thatched, straight line-shaped houses.

  Gyeop-jip, or houses whose basic plan had two rooms adjoining either side of a central wooden floor space, are in Jeju Province and some parts of the southern coast.

  Yangtong-jip houses have three rows of columns and two rows of rooms with doors between the front and rear rooms. Houses of this type are widely spread from South and North Hamgyeong in the north, along the East Sea coast and in the Andong region in North Gyeongsang Province.

  Finally there were Gobeunja-jip houses designed in an L-shape.
wo beams meet at right angle, making the house 'L'-shaped.
Houses of this type are found in the central region north of Sobaek Mountain Range, Yeongnam, Honam and Kwanseo regions. Non-tenant, well-to-do farmers live in 'L'-shaped houses which are larger than straight line-shaped houses.